Los 5 principales canales de señales de comercio de binancia en el telegrama

El uso de señales comerciales se está convirtiendo en un método cada vez más popular para hacer una criptografía del comercio de retorno. Durante la corrida de 2017, el comercio de criptografía fue relativamente sencillo - invertir en cualquier criptografía y era más probable que aumentara su valor, haciendo así que usted volviera.

Los 5 principales canales de señales de comercio de binancia en el telegrama

El uso de señales comerciales se está convirtiendo en un método cada vez más popular para hacer una criptografía del comercio de retorno. Durante la corrida de 2017, el comercio de criptografía fue relativamente sencillo - invertir en cualquier criptografía y era más probable que aumentara su valor, haciendo así que usted volviera. Sin embargo, con el precio de Bitcoin y otras monedas estancadas, se ha vuelto más difícil juzgar cuál podría ser el comercio correcto. Sin embargo, las señales de comercio pueden ser una solución lucrativa. Este artículo echará un vistazo al grupo de las 5 principales señales de comercio de Binance en Telegrama.Para aquellos que no saben lo que son las señales de comercio, aquí hay una rápida introducción.

¿Qué son las señales de comercio?

Las señales de comercio son llamadas enviadas directamente a usted indicando qué criptodivisa comprar. Una señal típica contendría la siguiente información:

  • La cripto moneda para comprar
  • El precio para comprar en
  • Los objetivos a vender en
  • Los precios objetivo deben ser los de las pérdidas de parada...

These trade signals contain all the key pieces of information that you need when wanting to place trades for yourself. If you follow the correct signal, you can often end up making a nice profit.

Una cosa importante que hay que señalar es que las señales de comercio suelen ser específicas de un intercambio de criptodólares. Por ejemplo, las señales Binance son señales de comercio que sólo pueden seguirse si se desea realizar una operación en la bolsa de divisas Binance. Sin embargo, existen otras señales comerciales que son específicas de otros intercambios criptográficos, como por ejemplo: BitMex y Coinbase. Ahora que usted entiende lo que son las señales de comercio y lo rentable que pueden ser, podemos entrar en los 5 principales canales de señales de Binance en el telegrama.

1. Binancia de AltSignals (@AltSignals)

Review of Rod's Altsignals

Channel link - t.me/altsignals

Altsignals started it's work in crypto signals industry from Christmas 2017. It is one of the oldest crypto signals channel on Telegram.

Can it be one of the Best Crypto signals on Telegram? Let's review it..

Altsignals is one of the most experienced crypto signal providers in telegram.  They have very accurate Crypto Trading signals.

Altsignals started with providing signals on Bittrex and slowly expanded their services over Binance , Bitmex and Bybit ..
Along with Crypto , they are expertise in Forex trading as well.. also they sell Tradingview indicators for Smart trading..

Binance Trading signals review of altsignals -
Perfect trade setup with entry , targets and stop loss makes altsignals one of the best in Crypto Trading signals. They have verified track record of accuracy over 80%+ and providing signals consistently in any kind of market.

For Bitmex/Bybit Signals -
Altsignals is expertise in providing Very accurate scalp trades on Bitmex Exchange..
They use cross leverage with proper care.
One thing to note and alert here is you must take care of risk management because of cross leverage trades and do not use more funds per trades. Accuracy is overall 80%+

Customer support-
They provide 24/7 support in telegram and let members know the solution of their questions. So overall good support by Rod and his team.

Price - altsignals.io/join

Pros -
- one of the oldest crypto Trading channel
- Verified track record
- Good customer support
- Very accurate
- Very active channel
- signals with good stop loss
- Autotrader using Cornix
- Best accuracy in Forex trading.
- Good in scalping

Cons -
- Because of cross leverage it can be dangerous without risk management.
- less number of swing trades for Bitmex traders.

Conclusion - One of the trusted channels to go in for good accuracy and support..

Accuracy - 8.5/10
Risk/Reward - 8.5/10
Support - 10/10
Price performance ratio 9.5/10
Education 9/10

Overall Rating - 9.1

Results - altcoins.io/results

How to join Premium-

Use code -

Channel link - t.me/altsignals

Admin - t.me/R_O_D and t.me/altsignalssupport

2. CryptoSignals

Channel link: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEg6tRj6AzBxvaII1Q

CryptoSignals is by far one of the best Binance trading signal channels on Telegram. The company is now offering users the possibility to receive the best crypto signals in the world and start making profits. 

Users can join the official Telegram channel and start enjoying some of the best signals in the market. The firm is now focusing on Binance Future, ByBit and BitMex trading signals. 

We know that the crypto signals market is full of scams and fake companies selling trading signals. This is not a good thing for traders and users that want to have access to professional information about the market. 

This is why CryptoSignals.co.uk is doing everything in order to have secure and valuable solutions for users. CryptoSignals is considered to be one of the best Binance trading signal channels on Telegram. 

This is what you can expect when using CryptoSignals:

The trading group is offering Binance futures trading signals. There are few Binance trading signals channels on Telegram offering users with the possibility to have accurate and valuable signals for Binance Futures. 

Binance is one of the largest exchanges in the cryptocurrency market. Nowadays, and after several years of developments, the platform has a wide range of solutions to trade in the crypto space. One of the fastest-growing solutions is related to its derivatives platform (Binance Futures). 

With Binance futures you can increase your exposure to the cryptocurrency market by trading with leverage. Although this is risky, it can also provide users with a unique possibility to guess where the market is moving and maximize profits. 

This is where CryptoSignals enters to offer accurate and valuable trading signals. You will be able to trade in different exchanges and not only Binance. CryptoSignals is offering support also to BitMex and ByBit, meaning that you can select the platform you like the most. 

The firm has been working for more than 5 years in the cryptocurrency market and 10 years altogether. This is why the team will be working on a daily abscess to share with you the most profitable signals in the market. With a large number of members from all over the world, CryptoSignals can be considered one of the best Binance trading signals channels on Telegram. 

Furthermore, the team behind CryptoSignals is offering consistent daily signals, auto trading using the Cornix.io bot, and everything for affordable pricing.

3. Whaletank Premium

The cryptocurrency market needed a crypto trading signals group for Telegram such as Whaletank Premium. This project has been working for several years and they already have a large number of users trading with their signals. This shows they are accurate and provide valuable trading signals for users that want to trade in the crypto market. 

The team of analysts behind Whaletank Premium is sharing with users signals for BitMex and Binance, two of the largest exchanges in the cryptocurrency market. They are also sharing with users analysis related to virtual currencies and the entire market. 

Although they are not offering support to trading bots, they have a very friendly team that is ready to help users handle their trades and place the correct stop-loss orders when trading. Moreover, they share signals for a wide range of virtual currencies. 

Whaletank Premium would be a great choice for you to start trading digital assets without even thinking about the timeframe. They offer short, mid and long-term trades for all kinds of users.

4. Saviour's Universal Crypto Signals

Review of Saviour's Universal Crypto Signals -

Channel link - t.me/universalcryptosignals

Signup - https://www.universalcryptosignals.com

Discount Code - ALTSIGNALS (10% discount)

Universal Crypto Signals has been recommended to us by a reader of our community so we decided to check it on. So we started reviewing if it can be one of the Best Crypto signals channel on Telegram..

Started in January 2018, Universal Crypto Signals is one of the most loved channel within ultra-high accuracy.

Everyone can Shine bull market but these guys have God-given Talents. They did the best in the fully Bearish market without any losing trades of altcoins since October 2019. That is a exceptional thing in this market.

Universal Crypto Signals has -
dedicated channel for Binance alts AND bitmex margin trading with fully automated Bot (Cornix). They also have cheaper affordable plans for traders who love to trade manually.
Also they have Premium Chat groups for talking about the trades.

Saviour is a very cool guy who never makes any hurry in giving any trades which can be riskier. He is very patient while Giving a signal and he proves Quality is better than Quantity. It is the best channel if you are looking for safe trading and Growth in Long term run.

We have to mention a thing that Saviour doesn't give stoploss on his Binance trades often. He clearly mentions - 'Stop loss will be updated if needed', that shows that he gives Stop loss only when necessary. Though he suggests to use Default stop loss of -15%. His altcoins trades have very good Risk:Reward if we consider the stop loss even at -15%.
His overall Binance accuracy is 96%.
One of the Best in Best Binance signals/Best Binance Trading signals.

For Bitmex -
Most importantly - His bitmex trades have stop loss always and we rarely saw his trades fail.. He has 93% accuracy in Bitmex.  We came across 45  trades while reviewing this and 41 hit targets spot on till March 2020. He provides Bitmex and Bybit signals based on his safe Trading strategy. He provides swing trades with 3X 5X Leverage and scalp trades with 5X 10X leverage with great accuracy.
One of the Best in Best Bitmex signals/Best Bitmex Trading signals.
His risk management for Bitmex is very appreciable .

Customer Support - Saviour is a very friendly person and provides very good support for his customers.

Price - This is one of the most undervalued crypto Channels available.. Get this in before its late..

Pros -
- Very affordable price compared to the performance
- highly accurate
-  Very experienced in this field
- Friendly and helpful support
- Very active channel
- Very good profit potential
- Highly accurate BTC analysis
- Exceptional and Accurate Coinmarketcap analyse
- First Target usually hits very fast
- Best Binance Trading signals
- Best Bitmex Trading signals
- Cornix Autotrader

Cons -
- sometimes no stop loss on alts trading (But he updates whenever necessary well before any bad movement)

Conclusion - Ultra-Accurate  crypto trading signals and Analysis.. Worth the money.. The best you can get in such affordable price..

Ratings -
Accuracy - 9.5/10
Risk/Reward - 8/10
Support - 8.5/10
Price/Performance ratio - 10/10
Education - 9/10

Overall Ratings 9/10

Signup - https://www.universalcryptosignals.com

Discount Code - ALTSIGNALS (10% discount)

Binance results -

BitMEX results -

Premium joining form with details -

Use code - Altsignals for 5% discount

Channel link - t.me/universalcryptosignals

Admin - t.me/team_ucs1 and t.me/ucs_support

5. Emma's Crypto Pillars

Enlace del canal -

https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFR4n1fHm0q4NhSp3g Nos enteramos de este canal por accidente. Adivina qué, lo hemos revisado profundamente y estamos muy contentos de listar este canal.

Fundada en el primer trimestre de 2019, Emma proporcionó todas las señales GRATUITAMENTE durante 15 meses y decidió crear un VIP.

Estamos totalmente contentos y sorprendidos de ver la precisión de sus operaciones... es excepcional. Es un 94% de precisión para ser exactos.

Emma proporciona señales de comercio de Binance, señales de comercio de Bitmex, educación, análisis técnico y grandes conocimientos.

Estamos muy contentos de listarlas por la precisión que proporcionan junto con el soporte de Cornix Autotrader.

La configuración de las operaciones se da perfectamente con una adecuada gestión de riesgos, entrada, stop loss y objetivos.

Es una de las gemas ocultas de la industria de las señales criptográficas. Deberías probarlo al menos una vez para tener la mejor experiencia comercial.

Para Bitmex -
Las configuraciones son con un gran riesgo: La proporción de recompensa que realmente te hará feliz ..

Soporte al cliente - Respuestas muy rápidas y apoyo por parte de Emma y el equipo.

Precio - Crypto Pillars tiene 2 canales VIP dedicados para altcoins y operaciones de Margen.. El precio comienza en 81 dólares, lo cual es muy asequible... contacta con t.me/EmmaRosie para más detalles

- Gran precisión
- Configuración adecuada con gestión
de riesgos - Cornix Autotrader
- Alto riesgo/recompensa
- Soporte muy amigable
- Bitmex perfecto, configuraciones de binancia

- No tiene mucha antigüedad en este negocio (sólo 16 meses hasta ahora)
- a veces promoción cruzada en el canal

Conclusión - Uno de los mejores canales si buscas precisión y comercio automatizado.

Calificaciones -
Precisión - 9./10
Riesgo/Recompensa - 9/10
Soporte - 9/10
Relación calidad-precio - 9/10
Educación - 8.5/10

Calificación general - 8.9

Resultados -

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11Q5gIiBUez07M-RhA6Pv4njwoADJUtz-hBZ9mWhIP10/edit?usp=sharing Cómo unirse a Premium -
Contacto - t.me/EmmaRosie

Código de descuento - altsignals

Enlace del canal -

https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFR4n1fHm0q4NhSp3g Admin - t.me/EmmaRosie

6. Alex Crypto

If you are one of those people who just started out Crypto or those who are confused which group on Telegram to Join just like me.There are barely any free crypto signal channels to be found that you should trust. So far it's one of the best Free channels in Telegram that work with crypto trading signals. You can join their telegram channel here and review it yourself too: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFhqSow5SiPgjm-NOA

Free Channel:

The free channel offers some great possibilities of entry and exit positions. However, profits are never guaranteed by the channels. The VIP would offer better solutions for traders.

Vip Channel:

The trading channel offers recommendations based on reliable technical analysis, detailed background information, fundamentals and special information.

The majority of their signals were originated from their own and own efforts, but they also keep an eye on other groups to seek for synergy entry points. This channel is definitely not a pump and dump channel as no trade we participated in has been pumped.

Honestly, if you are looking for a paid channel, their VIP Channel is really worth the money. An average of 3-5 signals daily was provided and occasionally, mid to long-term signals were also posted. Signals for Exchanges: Binance/Bittrex/Huobi/Kucoin/ Covers most of the major exchanges.

Free Membership: To check out the quality of their signals please check their free channel first. You can join the telegram channel here: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFhqSow5SiPgjm-NOA

Paid Membership (VIP): Please contact https://t.me/IanAlex1 by Telegram to enroll.

Membership Pricing:

1 Month : 0.05 BTC
3 Months: 0.01 BTC
1 Year: 0.35 BTC
Lifetime: 0.55 BTC


- They really focus on Quality over Quantity.

- Great customer support provided by the admin

- Lot of data provider to traders

7. Crypto Classics

Número de suscriptores: 3k

Enfoque/Descripción: Proporciona señales para el comercio en Binance y Coinbase PRO.

Tasa de envío aproximada: 2-3 señales por día.

Crypto Classics es un canal único porque además de proporcionar señales para el comercio en Binance y Coinbase PRO, también proporcionan un análisis técnico en profundidad centrado sólo en Bitcoin. Dado que Bitcoin es la mayor y más comercializada cripto-moneda, Altcoins tiende a comerciar de forma similar a Bitcoin. Por lo tanto, al comprender el patrón de comercio de Bitcoin, Crypto Classics lo utiliza para informar de las señales que proporciona en relación con altcoins.

8. Rocket FFA

Número de suscriptores: 1.8k

Enfoque/Descripción: Proporciona señales para el comercio exclusivamente en Binance.

Tasa de envío aproximada: Uno de los proveedores de señales comerciales más pequeños,

Rocket FFA se centra en proporcionar señales sólo para aquellos interesados en comerciar en Binance. No publican tantos análisis técnicos que justifiquen sus operaciones, pero sí cualquier actualización de noticias que puedan afectar a las señales activas que han recomendado.


Para concluir, las señales de comercio pueden ser un método lucrativo para generar mayores rendimientos en el espacio de la criptografía dado lo difícil que ha sido el clima de comercio. Los proveedores de señales tienden a liberar señales relacionadas con un intercambio de cripto-moneda específico como: Binance, BitMex, Coinbase PRO y Bittrex. Esta lista ha echado un vistazo a los principales proveedores de señales de Binance en el telegrama. Puede encontrar más información sobre estos proveedores en su canal de telegramas.

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